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Masuya Guest House is a guest house located near to Lake Suwa in Shimosuwa-machi, Nagano Prefecture. 
With its mighty red brick gate, this travelers inn has been welcoming guests since the Meiji Era and can be found on maps of that time. We have kept not only part of the name “Masuya Ryokan”, but also have tried to preserve the outstanding parts of its architecture while creating a comfortable modern place to stay. We hope that you will join our staff and friendly locals in enjoying a relaxed time at our guest house and in and around the Suwa area.

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Shinshu Nagano Prefecture, Shimosuwa-Machi

Shimosuwa-machi was historically a hot spring post town at the crossroads of Nakasendo and Koshu Kaido and has always been a flourishing place where travelers cross paths. It is the home to the largest lake in the prefecture, "Lake Suwa", as well as a natural treasure "Yashima Marsh". It has many other attractions including the famous "Suwa Grand Shrine" where an exhilarating festival called "Onbashira" is held every seven years.

Throughout town you will find bars and restaurants serving up local specialties frequented by those in the know, various historical sites that give a feel for the local culture and history, as well as, an array of stray cats lounging and dreaming here and there. And best of all you will find the warm hearted local people welcoming you. We are here, waiting for you to come and join us and the people of Shimosuwa.

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masuya guesthouse マスヤゲストハウスのフェイスブック

masuya guesthouse マスヤゲストハウスのフェイスブック

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