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Masuya Guest House
Masuya Guest House


Mixed Dorm
Up to 8 people

This is a dorm style room for men and women. Each bed has a locker, a computer shelf, an electric outlet and a reading light. Although it is a shared room, each bed can be shut off by curtain to create a private space. The middle tatami space is a good place just to hang out.

2,900 yen / per person / per night

Women Only Dorm
Up to 6 people

This is a dorm style room for women only. Each bed has an electric outlet, a small space for personal items and a reading light. The high ceiling makes for a comfortable space. There is a mirror and make-up stand to allow for personal attention.

3,000 yen / per person / per night

Double-Bed Room
Up to 2 people

This is a private room with a large double bed. The morning sunshine will greet you with warmth. This room is a bit small but has a private terrace overlooking the first floor lounge. The terrace is a great spot to relax, read and feel special.

4,000 for 1 / per night 6,000 for 2 / per night

Tatami Room
Up to 3 people

This is a private Japanese tatami room for sleeping in futons. It has a beautifully carved column of squirrels and grapes, a lovely overhead transom with penguins and other food for the eye. A great place to relax and dream.

4,500 for 1 / per night 7,000 for 2 / per night 9,000 for 3 / per night

Room Rates at Masuya Guest House
Room Rates at Masuya Guest House

Room Name Max # of peopleIncludesRates
Mixed Dorm8 peopleLocker, computer shelf, outlet, lamp2,900 yen / per person / per night
Women Only Dorm6 peopleLocker, outlet, personal item space, lamp3,000 yen / per person / per night
Double-Bed Room2 peopleDouble bed, private terrace, outlet4,000 yen for 1 / 6,000 yen for 2 / per night
Japanese Tatami Room3 peopleGrape and squirrel carved column, penguin transom, outlet4,500 yen for 1 / 7,000 yen for 2 / 9,000 yen for 3 / per night

masuya guesthouse マスヤゲストハウスのフェイスブック

masuya guesthouse マスヤゲストハウスのフェイスブック

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